Marketing is about making a name for your business and product or service. It is getting your name in front of as many people as possible without breaking the bank. The marketing strategies employed should be directly proportional to the anticipated rate of return. It is counterproductive to spend thousands of dollars for marketing activities that will only return hundreds of dollars in sales or services.

Marketing is the one activity that will be a constant in the business. It is like feeding the dog. As long as it is fed, it will grow and thrive. Once the food stops, the dog will wither away and be no more. A marketing plan for a small business will include an initial burst of advertising followed by several as many other advertising means as is economically practical. A combination of online and offline marketing will reach a broad range of potential customers. Not everyone has access to a computer or has an interest in having access to a computer. There is still a significant part of the consumer population that is not up to date technology wise. Let’s look at some online and offline marketing techniques for a small business. Keep in mind that not all marketing techniques are right for every business. Sometimes it takes a little fine tuning to make them work.

1. The goal of the marketing efforts is to get the business and product in front of as much of the public as possible. Everyone gets their information from different sources and advertising on different mediums will achieve reaching a wider audience. Utilizing local radio, newspapers and direct mail will catch the local clientele and an optimized web page and perhaps a blog or newsletter will catch the local and not so local customers.

2. An effective print tool is postcards. Almost everyone will read a postcard if the message is brief. With a few highlights about the business or product, a web address and other contact information, it will result in a number of leads. Postcards are economical to print and send but can be the source of a high rate of return. Even if the receiver does not have computer access, they might pass the card on to someone who does. A post card campaign a couple of times a year can be very effective.

3. A pleasantly designed web page that is easy to navigate and contains helpful and interesting information is a must when marketing a small business. The cost of a web page is minimal compared to the rate of return it can bring. In today’s world, most people look for a web page before they will look up the business or product in the telephone book.

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