So you are thinking about buying a franchise. Well good for you, because there is nothing like business ownership and being your own boss. There are many franchise opportunities available from small ones like cleaning services, lock and key repair, or vending machines, to large franchise operations like name brand restaurants, health and fitness clubs or even auto repair. Of course the larger the profit potential for the business, the larger the startup cost and accordingly a much larger franchise fee will be required.

One franchise that you may have overlooked is the one that stares back at you every morning in the mirror….and that is you. You can actually buy a franchise when you begin an online business and then brand yourself, literally turning yourself into the franchise. There is a company called iMMACC TRAINING which offers an extensive internet marketing training program and allows the you to become a master internet marketer in a relatively short period of time. Once the training is completed, then you can then begin earning a significant income simply by teaching others how to enter the career field of online marketing.

With iMMACC TRAINING, you become a self sustainable income producer as an affiliate, and while you offer iMMACC TRAINING, you brand yourself in all of your marketing, thus YOU become the franchise. Prospective students do not seek out iMMACC’ s company headquarters, but instead, they seek out YOU because you are now the expert in the field which they desire to enter. By positioning yourself as the expert, you become the name brand in all of your marketing and advertising, thus the franchise can never be pulled out from under you, the franchise can never be shut down without your permission, and the franchise has great freedom to operate in many ways.

iMMACC TRAINING is truly unique in that it allows even an average person, someone with average internet skills, to become an internet master and professional in a very short period of time. Some have accomplised this in months, not years. The rewards for obtaining this kind of knowledge will come once you understand that the only true security is by relying on yourself for success, and not relying on a company to supply you with product like food or tools every month in order to keep your franchise operating. When YOU are the franchise, then you will truly understand the meaning of security and freedom in business.


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