International Golf Expo in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Centre, golf tourism as the exhibition’s hot on the topic, the industry believes that the current general travel due to intense competition and thinner profit margins, while the aristocratic game of golf you need to get rid of the criticism and search for new profit growth point, in this case, China’s golf tourism market there is a huge business opportunity.

Have a good basic conditions A noteworthy phenomenon is that “9? 11” serious blow to the development of tourism, which involves all departments in this area were caught, but the golf tourism in the past 10 years remains at twice the normal tourism The rate of year on year. The GuyMaranzana the Guangzhou High Fair Project Development Europe, Mr. MaLinCie interviewed said that in 2005 will be the most brilliant performance of the international golf tourism year. Guangzhou Bo Gao

at this meeting, from France, Indonesia, Japan, the U.S. exhibitors were quite a lot of golf tourism praise. France hotel, golf course, tourism enterprises is aimed at China’s huge consumer market of golf tourism, tour come to the exhibition, to grab market opportunities. Vice Chairman Chen Yaxiong

Hainan Golf Association, said China’s golf industry has formed the scale, which was launched golf tourism provides a good foundation conditions. It is learned that China has already put into operation more than 200 golf courses (with 18 holes for the baseline statistics), has been approved the construction of more than 100 golf courses. In addition, China’s participation in golf has a population of 1.4 million, and the annual increase rate of 30%. In the golf population, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, lawyers and other professional elite high proportion, while the holiday, tourism has become necessary for these people living content. Chen Yaxiong also said that a good golf course facilities in China, low price also attracted to play in Japan, South Korea, the Nordic countries and regions of the tourists come to play.

Market potential is far from being fully tapped
Chen Yaxiong that has been formed with foreign multi-billion dollar value of the golf tourism market, domestic market potential is far from tapped.

In addition, golf tourism has yet to be carried out regional cooperation. At present, uneven distribution of golf tourism market, the market foster better regional tourism resources are very rich areas, such as Yunnan, Hainan, Shandong. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other regions, due to the local golf market development, golf population, close to saturation traffic course, golf tourism in these areas has not been fully developed.

The same time, industry sources, golf travel to China to do international travel business, travel or a new business, now, whether foreign or domestic social community, remain in the golf tourism in the “access” level , golf tourism market in cultivating software, sophisticated golf travel agency has not yet formed.

Chen Yaxiong also believes that the population in the golf tourism services, the golf industry and the tourism industry on the tourist reception team do a better job, but free to visit the FIT unsatisfactory services, including IT, aviation scheduled, since the content of the FIT, and many car service system is far from being formed.

Develop special tourism products Chen Yaxiong said that although China Golf Tour, there are still a number of shortcomings and weaknesses, but less than that opportunity, the weak is the business opportunities that China’s huge market potential of golf tourism vision for domestic entrepreneurs and foreign investors in many commercial opportunities. Golf tourism in China has broad prospects for development, which China golf industry, tourism and international tourism organizations concerned and promote.

Present, ordinary travel due to intense competition and thinner profit margins. The golf development in China still faces many social environment unfavorable factors, a considerable number of people still insist that golf is elitist sport, is not suitable for China’s national conditions. In this case, the game of golf with the country’s burgeoning tourism boom, especially with the emerging vacation travel and greatly develop the special golf tourism products, is to promote the sustainable development of China’s golf industry, the reality of options.

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