Good websites should feature great design but it shouldn’t overshadow business objectives when it comes to ecommerce websites. Since they come as an electronic version of bricks and mortar shops, the main focus should be on products. Multi-angle pictures and thorough product descriptions are an advantage as customers can’t touch or smell goods bur it’s better to keep things simple so that flash and sound effects don’t distract visitors’ attention.
Clear navigation
One of the reasons why customers switch to ecommerce websites is that they want to save time. That’s why effective ecommerce business solutions are a must – customers shouldn’t get lost in the virtual labyrinths. Clear navigation allows filling in a shopping cart much quicker which may turn satisfied casual customers into return ones. Dedicated website designers start creating a website drawing its structure and splitting information in categories under relevant names to remind visitors where they are. All website parts are interconnected by links which allows accessing the required page at the click of a mouse.
Easy on the eye design
A website which is easy on the eye has more chances to become a place where people want to come back than an unreadable website with extravagant effects. Specialists in ecommerce business solutions help their customers choose the right font, colour theme and texture and check whether the chosen solution can be viewed in various browsers.Fonts which require changing encoding or images which can’t be displayed may turn off even the most purchase hungry visitors. Besides, customers need to be able to read text without a magnifying glass. Yet, opting for a very large font is not always the best option; even though it makes text more noticeable, customers might need to scroll the page to right to view the entire text.
Simple checkout
The simple and secure checkout is an essential element of effective ecommerce business solutions. There are chances that customers decide to take another attempt to purchase a product having encountered problems at the very end of their shopping but there are also chances that they decide to switch to the competitors’ website. Saying goodbye to money should be simple and quick and it’s better to inform visitors about all peculiarities of the payment procedure before they reach the final stage and figure out that the process can’t be completed due to minor details. Customer security should be given a high priority: card holder’s information privacy should be guaranteed and transactions should be carried out in a secure way.Thanks to effective ecommerce business solutions, winning a place in the sun for an ecommerce website can be very easy. Focus on products, clear navigation, easy on the eye design and simple checkout are the key factors to success.

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