When creating and sending an email marketing campaign your number one priority should be to ensure that it is delivered successfully. After all, what is the point in putting together a cleverly worded and visually impressive email if the person it was intended for never receives it in the first place? There is always a risk that you have taken down an email address incorrectly or that the email is no longer in use, however, the main reason that an email is usually not delivered successfully is because a spam filter has blocked it. Luckily there are a few simple checks you can make to ensure that this does not happen. Once your email has been flagged as spam it is likely to affect any future contact you try to make with that person so it is very important that you do not allow this to happen.
When collating an email contact list it is very important that you ensure all of your emails have been obtained legitimately and that everyone on your list has opted in to receiving information from you. This way your email will not be regarded as spam and the recipient will be anticipating its arrival. It is also helpful to ask your contacts to add your email to their address book as this can reduce the risk of a spam filter flagging your email because it is unfamiliar.
In order to comply with spam regulations it is very important that you provide a quick and easy method for recipients to unsubscribe from your email contacts if they no longer wish to receive them. Doing this manually can be time consuming and there is a chance you may forget to remove someone from your contact list. It is far better to use an online email marketing service that usually offers an automatic unsubscribe feature to prevent any future contact to a particular ‘unsubscribed’ email address. 
If you regularly send out bulk emails then it is a good idea to use email marketing software that will deliver your emails from a server that is white-listed and not associated with spam emails. Although you can deliver multiple emails from a regular email account if you BCC any more than ten contacts per email then this is often flagged by the recipient’s spam filter. You should always run a spam check on emails prior to sending and choose your language carefully so that you are not using words like ‘free’ and ‘offer’ that may be associated with spam emails.


For more information about what sort of language is appropriate for email marketing campaigns and various email marketing solutions that can help you avoid hitting the spam filter then search online where you will find a range of affordable services.

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