While Mazu is a business opportunity, it is also a Superfood nutritional product, which is receiving a good number of reviews worldwide, as they relaunch their opportunity. Of course, every company that intends to make a profit must offer something worthwhile and that product must be affordable and should have benefits that can be clearly explained to the customer. In the case of Mazu, there are actually 2 customers involved: one is the individual who is looking for health benefits, and the 2nd customer is looking to earn money. This Mazu Review will focus more on the MLM business opportunity, for those people who want to earn money.

The most important element of the Mazu Gold opportunity is the “3 for free” program. Basically just $ 5 out of pocket allows an individual to get free product each month, while also having the potential to generate an income. For each new member that is brought into Mazu Gold, the business owner is paid $ 25. Therefore, when a member brings in just 3 other business owners, the monthly product purchase price is covered. In other words, every time a new member signs up a new business owner, it is worth a fast start bonus of $ 25. In essence, $ 75 in sales will cover the cost of the product. Also, the company states that there is no registration fee.  According to the company website, to become an Associate, you simply place your first order at the Retail Price and all subsequent orders will be purchased at Wholesale. What they are saying is that $ 75 in sales will result in free product so at least in theory, no purchase is actually necessary once the member is inside the company.

The company website has a very detailed compensation plan which outlines the earning potential of Mazu Global, along with the “3 for free plan”. With a legitimate product, and self funding plan which allows all members the opportunity to never pay for product, this company has tools and at least has the potential to be successful on several levels in the networking and nutritional industries. This is one feature which some people may find appealing and could make Mazu an attractive opportunity for some of the new networkers as well as experienced online marketing professionals.

While there are no guarantees with any business opportunity, what separates the solid and legitimate opportunities is a legitimate product that is affordable, along with a simple and easy compensation plan. Mazu Global does appear to offer those basics. However, as with any opportunity or product, perform due diligence and do some research. Investigate all claims and then talk to real people. Don’t join any company until you are certain that there is live support and training and don’t take any products until you have spoken with people who consume the product. With that said, this Mazu Review concludes that the Mazu MLM Business is a legitimate opportunity.

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