High definition, wireless or wired solutions for personal and business security have now arrived in the form of the High Definition IP Camera, or HD IP Camera. This form of video security solution is relatively new to the security industry and systems are varied. Security solutions range from single camera surveillance systems to more elaborate systems that cover extensive property, both indoors and out. The cameras can be integrated into wireless or wired networks.

Security Goes High Definition With HD IP Cameras


Security Goes High Definition With HD IP Cameras

The range of HD ip Cameras available is extensive and there is a system to fit almost any budget.  There are indoor and outdoor cameras, cameras that come with audio, cameras that operate in low light, cameras designed to operate in cold weather, cameras designed to work at night, cameras designed with tamper resistance in mind and fixed-dome cameras.

Security Goes High Definition With HD IP Cameras


Security Goes High Definition With HD IP Cameras

The advantages of these camera systems over more traditional analog camera systems include remote access from anywhere by more than one user as long as you have an Internet connection and the high quality of images produced.   They also offer easier storage of video results since storage capacity is limited only by the capacity of the system to which the cameras are networked.


Yet another quite important advantage of these systems is that they are scalable.  Since all networked security cameras are designed around open standards, they can be integrated with relevant software and all computers.  As your security needs increase, these systems offer the flexibility to add cameras with less trouble and cost than is the case with analog systems.


These systems offer more than security for your home, employees and business.  They also provide important monitoring information to employers who need to know if safety, confidentiality, risk management and other company policies and procedures are being followed.  This kind of information can be critical to a company’s bottom line if, for example, accidents and loss of company assets are avoided.


There are a number of companies that provide HD IP Cameras, including Arecont, Axis, Bosch, Cisco, Genie, Mobotix, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek and VideoIQ among others. You can buy online, including accessories needed to network the cameras with your wired or wireless system.  Most vendors offer integration services as well.


In a nutshell, HD ip Camera systems provide cost-effective, high-quality, flexible, scalable home and business security systems that are state-of-the art.  You can buy online at http://www.networkvideosystems.com.


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