Many eBay sellers dream to become successful in eBay business, but very few rise to the top and succeed. The key to become a successful eBay seller is to provide quality products and sell them for a good profit margin.

eBay Virtual Office Assistants share 7 best selling tips to drive more traffic to your ebay business and explode your income:

eBay Business Selling Tip 1- Include Sticky Title:

Customers search items in terms of brand, model no, item specification, color, size etc. Make sure that you use these identifiers in your headline. Know more on how to write effective title in ebay here. The hot and sticky headline drives more attention in the eBay business platform.

eBay Business Selling Tip 2-Make Your Description Short And To The Point:

Always keep your description simple and concise. Your description should expand on your title. Make use of the brand name, specifications, model #, color, size to your prospect. Remember the words you use will increase the sale of your product. Use them in such a way that it identifies you amongst the other competitors.

eBay Business Selling Tip 3-Price Your Product Accordingly:

Always keep on researching, of what is selling in the eBay market. Find the prices of similar products that are being sold, which in turn helps you in pricing your item. The best tactic is to cut off another 10% off of usual price and sell them in the eBay store. If you want to become successful eBay seller, without considering price, then list your item in “Buy it now” category and punch for “Free shipping”. This is the main strategy of becoming a power seller. If you are tired of finding out the competitive prices for the products you sell, delegate your work to professional virtual assistants who are qualified in Online Market Research to find out the best competitive price for your product.

eBay Business Selling Tip 4-Be Focused On Buyers Needs:

Repeat buyers is the bloodline of successful EBay sellers. When you ask any power seller, they will tell you that the majority of their sales are made to customers who have purchased from them before. Buyers care about your product, pricing and shipping. Once they have paid for the product, ship it as soon as you can. Always thank your customers for buying from you by leaving a positive feedback. Make your customers happy by giving freebies, if they purchase for next time.

eBay Business Selling Tip 5-Strive For High Star Rating:

Feedback plays a vital role in rating your products. You can receive more positive ratings when your positive feedback score is high. This in turn will increase your feedback rate. If you have100% rating but have sold your item to less than 100 people, then you can fairly estimate the rate of your success in eBay selling. But, if you sell to thousands of people and have a 98% rating, then you are certainly a successful seller. You can delegate this time consuming task to Ebay Business Virtual Assistants who are experienced in managing client store feedback. We quickly followup with negative and neutral feedbacks and work with customers to sort their concern and finally get the feedback revised.

eBay Business Selling Tip 6-Include Multiple Payment Options:

Multiple payment options are one of the best tactics for successful eBay selling. As eBay market is focused on a wide range of customers, eBayers use many different methods to pay for goods. Make sure that the ebay payment options should be safe and secured for both the buyer and seller. By accepting more payment methods you are attracting the attention of higher number of customers. Assure your customers with detailed info on payment options.

eBay Business Selling Tip 7-No Shipping Extortion:

Make sure your shipping rates are reasonable. Listings with free or discount shipping will encourage buyers to purchase additional items from you. Add the free shipping check box when you list your item for sale. When buyers search for items, they can sort results by price plus shipping. Items with free shipping or low shipping costs will rank higher.

Follow these simple tactics provided by our trained Online Business eBay Virtual Assistants to focus yourself as a top competitor in eBay market. If you need more assistance in successful eBay selling please contact us! We are really reliable, affordable, and efficient to make your product into profit. We never work for your competitors.

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