If you are weighing your options on joining Trevo as its distributor, then it is recommended that you read on this review and make a well informed decision about Trevo as a company, and the opportunities that it can offer you as its distributor. Make sure you are thoroughly aware of the company, its product, the pay plan of the company, and the likes. Also, ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of the company, and be doubly sure about whether Trevo is actually a scam or not. After having carefully looked into all of the essential factors, you may consider becoming its distributor.

To begin with, let us know more about Trevo as a company. It is a brand new company which is into the selling of a liquid nutraceutical supplement which is called Trevo. This liquid supplement is sold by Trevo through the model of network marketing business. It was founded by Holli and Mark Stevens. The Stevens’ have a solid experience spanning over a decade as distributors as well as owners. The corporate office is situated in Oklahoma City, OK, and they have distributors well spread across the whole of the USA.

Trevo is made of 174 various kinds of ingredients which have been brought from all across the globe. Some of the ingredients which go into the making of this liquid are the well known and popular superfruits which have been backed by proper documentation. Some of the popular superfruits which have been included in the making of Trevo include Camu Camu berries, the well known acai berry, maqui berry, goji berries from Tibet, the famous amalaki from India, noni, and mangosteen. Apart from these popular superfruits, it also contains the strongest superfoods of the world, along with trace minerals, fatty acids, medicinal herbs, and vitamins.

The reported health benefits include increased energy, weight management, increased concentration and focus, an overall sense of vitality and well being, healthy cholesterol levels, cardiovascular support, immune system support, faster recovery for muscles, and healthy digestion process.

As far as the quality of the product is concerned, it looks pretty positive and promising. There are different ways by which you can become a distributor of Trevo. Those include, purchasing a basic enrolment of $ 25, or a $ 1200 enrolment plans. Getting paid can be done by retail sales, matching bonus, power start commissions, group volume commissions, bulk pack commissions, team volume bonus pools, charity bonus, and leadership bonus and incentives.

Trevo appears to have an attractive pay plan, and is not a scam, most definitely.

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