VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

VPS is a wonderful technology that can help you take your business to new heights. If you are interested in enjoying the best possible benefits as well as save the maximum possible amount, then you should invest some time in finding a packing that would be right for you.  

VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

What Would It Cost?

VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

Compared to all of the other hosting services, VPS is quite inexpensive. Price is the first thing that you should think about if you are interested in cost saving for your business. Normally these packages start at $ 20/month. There would also be a set up cost which you would have to pay once when you sign up for the service. Check for hosting companies that offer money back guarantees so that you would be able to get your funds back if you are not satisfied with the services.  

VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

The Services

VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

Other than the price, you should also select the right VPS package based on the services that are offered. A hosting package like this should be able to offer you the below mentioned services:

VPS - Selecting The Best Hosting Solution

Ram Capacity- this is one of the main features based on which you can gauge the efficiency of the plan. In order to run the system, the applications and the control panel, you would need 512 MB memory at least. If you are planning to host multiple websites, you should go for a RAM of 1 GB. A burstable RAM works well in case the traffic on the site increases erratically.  

CPU Power- you should also have a CPU that has a high processing capacity so that it would be able to compute with good speed.  

Network Throughput- a good VPS plan should have a good high network. With a broader bandwidth, you would be able to receive and send the information quickly.  

Control Panel- ensure that the control panel that you select is easy for use. Plesk and cPanel are both good so select a hosting company that offers either of these. These are the most user friendly and reliable control panels.  

IP Address- you will need two IP address at lease for the domain as well as the name server. Most hosting companies offer 4 addresses so its best to check your needs before you select a package.  

Uptime Assurance- your website would not be accessible to the users during downtime of the server. A good hosting company should be able to offer you a server uptime of 99.9% for the best results.  

Choosing Secure and Reliable Packages

Your goal should be to select a VPS package that would offer you the maximum security and reliability. The server must have the capacity to work efficiently and should be reliable. If the server would stop working at anytime, your website would not be accessible which would mean loss for your business. Any financial transactions on the website should also be secure.  

Support quality is also a very important factor so ensure that the hosting service that you select offers you 24/7 support for any technical issues with your VPS server.

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